flooring underlay accessories

Underlay is made of a layer of plastic film and polyethylene foam bonding. The thickness and toughness of the mulch are very high, not easy to deteriorate, whether it is wood flooring or laminate flooring.

flooring glue accessories

Flooring Adhesive used different types of adhesives are recommended for different types of flooring. However, some multi-functional solutions can be effectively used for multiple materials for wood flooring or laminate.

flooring care and cleaner accessories

As for flooring cleaners and maintenance, and this is suitable for home use and use on laminate floors and engineering wood flooring or SPC vinyl flooring. Here products are the Best Choice!

flooring install tools accessories

There will be some very cheap flooring install tools . This will save a lot of costs, including hammers, tape, rulers, floor repair materials, more tools coming soon. We try to saving your cost and help your install well done.

flooring angle trims accessories

Wooden angle Trims, which is real wooden edge trim, Use for edge closing of wooden floor to cover cutting flaws. And for the edge of the stairs. 100% wood-made product.

flooring stairs nosing accessories

Hardwood stairs step. The large curved edge makes the tread feel better, and the tiny brushed texture makes the underfoot feel better more resistant to slip. More than 50 colors available.

wood flooring t trims accessories

Expansion T-profile of 100% hardwood divides the different areas where the product is used and leaves a certain expansion gap for the floor, which is aesthetical.

The wooden Ramp can be used for the edge closing of flooring in various situations. Its wood color and natural wood grain can match perfectly with the wooden flooring.

U-Profile trim is main purpose is to connect, protect, and decorate the edges of the floor while leaving enough room for expansion and contraction.

The aluminum L trim is designed with wood grain, while its beauty is higher than ordinary metal strips, making installation easier.

 Cut is not 100% straight, so the L-bar must be used to cover imperfections. It can also be used for floors with a thickness of more than 20 mm.

aluminum stairs nosing

Where the flooring meets tiles or carpets, unevenness can occur, which can cause inconvenience and even injury when walking. This is good choose. 

The aluminum surface is design with wood grain, which makes the visual feeling of the flat strip closer to the floor itself, and the plastic base included.

Aluminum Stair nosing are mainly used on the right angle edge of steps or stairs, which can provide a professional appearance for all of different type.



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