Aluminum trims

Aluminum trims

Looking for flooring aluminum trims in Auckland?

Our mission is to provide the closest matching door panels, stairs nosing, trims, transition trim, and other flooring accessories for every brand and range of vinyl or laminate flooring on the market. Flooring accessories are an ideal companion for whichever type of floor is being fitted, wherever it may be. Able to withstand varying degrees of foot traffic, there is a profile range suited to all situations.

Obviously, this is a difficult task, and although we are not there yet, we are very close. Our self-adhesive vinyl rods are available in 100 different wood-like colors and brushed aluminum and polished steel. This allows us to match various vinyl floors closely.

Our vinyl door strip adopts a flat strip/top cover, ramp transition, and L-shaped cross-section, covering most use cases. Likewise, our laminate series allows us to match various laminate flooring very well. Laminates have T-shaped endplates, inclined plates, and stepped nose shapes.

Our flooring experts have carefully matched these accessories with actual vinyl flooring and laminate flooring samples. Some of them match almost exactly, while others provide a contrasting match, which means that they are compatible with a given floor. The correct tone of the match, not an exact match.

Currently we have closely matching vinyl door bars for laminate flooring, spc vinyl flooring, Engineered wood flooring.

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