Wood Expansion transition Trim


Flooring accessories |Expansion transition Trim | 1780x 36 mm |

Product thickness: 15 mm | WOOD |




The Expansion transition trim of 100% wood divide the different areas where the product is used and leave a certain expansion gap for the floor, which effectively covers the cutting gaps and is aesthetically pleasing. The flat wooden strip is very convenient to install, and one side can be glued with glue. After installation, use adhesive tape for fixing, remove the tape after the glue is dry, and remove the tape within 3 hours.

Flooring accessories are the necessary accessories in the process of flooring installation. Its main products are underlay film (a layer of plastic film laid under the wooden floor, which plays a role of moisture-proof), finishing trims, transition extrusions, stair treads, etc. They are to cover and decorate the flooring edge.

Due to the installation of flooring needs to have a complete accessory system. One of the most important accessories, the primary function of the pressure transitions and stairs, is used to solve the floor’s finishing, extrusions, transition, against the interface problems.it can leave enough expansion and contraction space for the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor, but also to protect the edge of the floor from wear and tear, to play a connection, protection, and decoration.

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Natural oak, White oak, Brown oak, Signal black, Jet black