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We are committed to providing customers with the most suitable floor covering accessories materials in New Zealand.

During the flooring installation process, edge trims and trims must be used for all flooring, including SPC, laminate, and veneer flooring. The purpose of the strips is to fix and cover up cut imperfections. The metal strips are convenient and are ideal for commercial and domestic applications.

Floor accessories are the necessary accessories in the process of wooden floor installation. Its main products are moisture-proof film (a layer of plastic film laid under the wooden floor, which plays a moisture-proof), edge strips, transition strips, stair treads, etc. They cover and decorate the wood floor’s edge, making the floor easier to maintain and more durable.

Due to the installation of wood flooring, it needs to have a complete accessory system. One of the most important accessories, the primary function of the pressure strip and buckle strip, is used to solve the floor’s fixed, closing, connection, transition against the interface problems. On the one hand, it can leave enough expansion and contraction space for the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor and protect the edge of the floor from wear and tear to play a connection, protection, and decoration.

Although many people think that metal strips are inferior to wood strips and plastic strips in terms of aesthetics, the practicability and durability of metal strips are far more than the above two. And the unique anti-skid pattern of the metal strip makes its anti-skid degree reach the highest, which means more increased safety. And the beauty of the wooden edge strip is far more than that of the metal strip.

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