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Buy Wood stairs nosing in New Zealand?

The main advantage of choosing engineered hardwood flooring instead of solid wood for staircase renovation is that it has the same appearance as solid wood. Still, it increases stability, provides temperature difference and humidity resistance, reduces daily wear and tear, and is much cheaper.

If you decide to renovate the stairs by covering the stairs with engineered oak flooring, you will also need oak stair flanges. Stair nostrils are installed at the front of each step to establish a perfect connection between the tread and the riser.

The wooden staircase flange provides a precise overall appearance for the new wooden staircase and improves safety. Providing some extra space for the user’s feet protrudes slightly and becomes more visible on the tread edges, thereby minimizing accidents involving slips, trips, and falls. In addition, the oak stair nose bridge provides additional support and durability to protect the edges of the stairs from breakage and damage, so your new composite oak stair will stand the test of time and reach perfection.

Flooringaccessiores.co.nz produces and provides solid wood oak staircase flanges, so you can seamlessly match the color and surface finish of the oak staircase to the floor. The image below shows the contour design of the stair nose bridge to complement the 14 mm and 20 mm thick artificial oak floors.

We do not provide stair nosing only. We provide stair steps that are a great way to complete the look of your stairs and make them safer. Our products are available in a wide color range to offer the perfect solution for all domestic applications.

we help your find right Wood stairs nosing in New Zealand!

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