Extra size stairs nosing


Flooring accessories | L-Angle | 2700 x 60 mm | 20mm-30mm

Product thickness: 20 mm | aluminum |

Product code: Stairs nosing extra angle



We are the supplier of wood stairs accessories and aluminum stairs nosing accessories, huge stock and easy to order.

Flooring accessories are the necessary accessories in the process of flooring installation. Its main products are finishing trims, transition extrusions, stair treads, etc. They are to cover and decorate the flooring edge.

The very floor needs accessories of one sort or another, whether to enable it to be fitted in the first place or to give that stunning finishing touch. We can offer all you need to ensure your new floor goes down with style, from tools and trims to pipe surrounds and trim.

An aluminum stair nosing to be used on the edge of a step or stairs to offer a professional-looking finish to your laminate, wood, or SPC flooring. Always glue the floor panels on the stairs of your staircase. This profile is suitable for use with all Flooring accessories.

Anti Slip Stair Nosing good Length For Stair Edging. Stair nosing Aluminum profiles with non-slip rubber. They are totally exclusive design products—aluminum anti-slip stair nosing 100% real, hard stair nosing profile.

At flooringaccessories.co.nz, we were hoping you could get it right the first time so make sure to look over some of the extras you can add to your flooring.All of the accessories that we supply are of the highest standard, so whether you’re turning your exterior space into a prize garden or bringing that tired front room back to life with a new floor you can be sure that we have everything you need under one roof.


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