Expansion Wood paint trim


Flooring accessories | Expansion | 2700 x 40 mm | 8mm-12mm

Product thickness: 7.5 mm | aluminum |

Product code: AH2



We are supplier both of wood accessories and aluminum accessories, huge stock and easy to order.

Flooring accessories are the necessary accessories in the process of flooring installation. Its main products are finishing trims, transition extrusions, stair treads, etc. They are to cover and decorate the flooring edge.

The Aluminum surface is design with wood grain, which makes the visual feeling of the flat trim closer to the floor itself, and matches with the plastic base. There is no need to punch holes in the floor. It is straightforward to complete the installation by using the base to clip onto the floor junction, fix the plastic base with glue, then clip and flatten the flat bar onto the bottom bracket.

Suitable for 8-12mm laminate flooring.



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Grey, Teak, L-Maca, B-Maca, Walnut