Flooring accessories | U-Trims | 2700 x 14.9 mm |

Product thickness: 12 mm | aluminum |

Product code: FC312



We are supplier both of wood accessories and aluminum accessories, huge stock and easy to order.

Flooring accessories are the necessary accessories in the process of flooring installation. Its main products are finishing trims, transition extrusions, stair treads, etc. They are to cover and decorate the flooring edge.

12mm U-edge finishing bar hide minor imperfections in joints and cutouts and are primarily used to solve the problem of securing and finishing the flooring, connecting laminate or wood flooring to fixtures such as fireplaces, patio doors, sliding doors, etc. The main purpose is to connect, protect, and decorate the edges of the floor while leaving enough room for expansion and contraction, as well as to protect the edges from wear and tear.


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Sliver, Champagne, Gold, Black


Buckle the U-Finishing trim on the edge of the floor, then apply glue on the edge of the floor, and place the U-shaped strip on the glue it.