20mm L-Angle bar


Flooring accessories | L-Angle | 2700 x 30 mm | 20mm-30mm

Product thickness: 20 mm | aluminum |

Product code: KE2



We are supplier both of wood accessories and aluminum accessories, huge stock and easy to order.

Flooring accessories are the necessary accessories in the process of flooring installation. Its main products are finishing trims, transition extrusions, stair treads, etc. They are to cover and decorate the flooring edge.

The function of a small L-Angle bar is very wide, and it is used in some areas where the L-Angle bar is inconvenient to use. Because the installation workers can’t cut a straight line, the L-angle can cover the defects. The L-angle bar needs to use glue for bonding after installation to use tape for fitting, glue after drying, remove the tape, clear the tape within 24 hours, so as not to glue the flooring.


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Sliver, Champagne, Gold, Black